10 of the Best Pictures of My Dog

I thought I would start off my blog with something very dear to my heart, pictures I’ve taken of my golden retriever. I’ve grown up beside my dog – literally because we got her when I was 3 1/2 years old. In the beginning she was nothing more than a fur ball in my small arms. Our friendship has grown from her having to be bribed to stay in my room at night with treats I’d sneak from downstairs, to her greeting me after school everyday tail wagging and eyes bright, to her smiling at me as I get ready to go out with friends, to her licking the peanut butter from the table knife I just used to make my PB&J, to her never failing to make me laugh after a difficult day, to her heartbeat pounding at my feet as I do my homework, and now to her taking the journey up the stairs to my room with white fur around her eyes and ready to go to bed before I am! There’s something about a person’s relationship with their dog that is irreplaceable and unmatched with anything else. My furry best friend will be 11 years old this November and knowing that she’s getting old for a dog, I am glad that I will forever have these pictures of her in complete bliss enjoying the afternoon sun and slight breeze that carries smells from far away. I hope these pictures of my dog make you smile too.










If you have a dog or other furry friend, I would love to hear about them in the comments section. As always if you have any suggestions, criticism, or requests please feel free to contact me!



14 thoughts on “10 of the Best Pictures of My Dog

  1. Your dog is adorable! I love the fun close up of her nose and the great shot where she is looking up at you! I have a little dog called Pippi that I love to bits, she is a rescue dog and is just so loving. I think your blog and photos are lovely, and good luck with your photography. From an Aussie admirer 🙂


  2. The nose closeup is so sweet, it immediately touched my heart. It reminded me of our dog that we used to have, she had a dry nose so we had to apply a cream to her nose, she hated it.


  3. Loved Mackey’s pictures. Try to get pictures when he (?) is doing something interesting. You will have to follow him around for a long time. But then you will be in situations to take interesting pictures. Keep up the good work. You are progressing fast in becoming a photographer in good standing


  4. She is adorable!! I love that pic of her nose. 🙂 Only an animal lover would take one of those! Did you know you don’t have the likes available on your blog? Just thought I’d mention it.


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