9 Pictures of Flowers to Brighten your Day

Nature uses flowers to make people smile. When spring arrives and flowers start to bloom toward the sun, it makes a joy settle in me, which is not easily matched by other things. Seeing the flowers start their journey through the season provides a reminder of fresh starts and perseverance.


Flowers are special to me and my photography, because they were my first subjects. Because they don’t move, it’s easy to focus and snap a picture. As I think about taking pictures more these days, though, I realize that flowers are hard to capture because of how hard it is to do so in a unique way. There are countless pictures of flowers all over the internet making it hard to bring something new or show someone a flower differently. Instead, I have tried to capture the story of each flower I take or show it in a new light bringing a new realization to someone that looks at one of the pictures.


Here are my favorite flower pictures that I have taken. As I continue to grow as a photographer, I hope to learn to capture pictures better than these. As always I would love it if you left me a comment, either about your favorite flower or about my pictures. Thanks for taking the time to read this!










Here are a few other pictures that aren’t necessarily flowers, but are some of my favorite garden pictures that I have taken!


12 thoughts on “9 Pictures of Flowers to Brighten your Day

  1. Wow! You already have a fabulous collection of flower photos! I love the unique perspectives you’ve captured and yummy bokeh! My favorite photo is the one below the pink hollyhocks with the delicious back lighting.


  2. Your use of light and your composition is just wonderful in these! I love the colors and the depth of field too. You’ve really got an eye! Beautiful job. 🙂


  3. wow! These are beautiful pictures. I really love the composition of the picture of the white flowers, as well as the one with the light flare in the background.


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